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The Du-Mont Company: Professional Sheet Metal Fabricators

Beautiful designs, cut to perfection, bent and welded to build functional, yet aesthetic structures. These are the reasons why the Du-Mont Company has been in the sheet metal fabrication business for so long. Cutting, bending, molding and assembling pieces of metal to accurately conform to our customers’ design specifications is our expertise, and it comes with more than half a century of experience. We are the foremost fabricators of aluminum and stainless steel in Peoria.


When sheet metal is in its raw form, we think of it as our canvas, awaiting to be bent and formed into a work of art. And although we consider our craft an art, we also employ sound engineering principles, to make sure that all our products are made to withstand the test of time. We are a sheet metal fabricator, welding fabricator, and plate fabricator in Peoria.  We also are carbon steel fabricators in Peoria. We provide fabrications for residential, commercial and industrial needs.


Design Build Mechanical Contractors


No job is too big or too small for us as design build mechanical contractors. This means that we design and build according to your customized needs. You may want custom tables, cabinets, or siding for your new home or business. We can also make new custom-made food carts for restaurants, or tool carts for your garage. Also for restaurants and home kitchens, we provide fabricated kitchen hoods in Peoria.


Safety enclosures and access panels for piping or electrical cabinets provide safety for delicate areas - we make them too! Safety railings and safety guards in Peoria are all entrusted to the Du-Mont Company.


We even do decorative fabrications using decorative ornamental sheet metal that are all of custom-made designs. We make gazebo ridges, church steeples and copper roof fabrications and metal flashings. Fascias, facades, awnings and balconies, stairways, railing and building claddings are all part of the work we do. We also handle countertops backsplash in Peoria.  


Industrial Fabrication in Peoria


Our specialties also include the big jobs. We do design/build industrial fabrication in Peoria. Our industrial line includes paint booths, drain valves, expansion joints breechings and mill mixers. We also do tanks and hoppers in Peoria.


We also do HVAC systems that include dust collection fabrications, industrial ventilation fabrication and general ductwork in Peoria.


But what we can do is not limited to what is listed above – if you can think of it, we can build it!

Need plans, specifications, or larger files???

Du-Mont utilizes the "cloud" service of Dropbox. If we have files that are too large to send by email that you need, simply put in a request email using the widget below. Please include any relevant information pertaining to your request (Job number, name, date, etc.).

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Featured Project

Our featured project is Peoria Riverfront Museum.  This project is part of Peoria's "Build-the-Block" which is located in downtown Peoria along SW Washington Street between Main and Liberty Street. 


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Stock Materials List

To see our extensive list of materials we use to satisfy your requirements, please click on Learn More.

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